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Dad removes son from ‘military camp’ school after staff confiscate mobile phone

Don Pilot removed his son from Farnley Academy

Don Pilot removed his son, a Year 9 pupil, from Farnley Academy in Leeds after the school confiscated his mobile phone and he claimed treated children like soldiers in a military camp

Don Pilot removed his son from Farnley Academy

A dad has removed his son from a school he described as like a ‘military camp’ after they confiscated his phone.

Don Pilot, whose son is a Year 9 pupil at Farnley Academy in Leeds, said he had to take drastic action after claiming his son was treated like a soldier in a military camp at the school.

He said that in Year 7, the school took his son’s phone and kept it over a weekend, preventing him from having access to his bus pass, Leeds Live reports.

The same thing happened at the weekend, which pushed Don into taking drastic action.

He said: “The school told me ‘you signed a policy at the beginning of the year, we can offer you two options: keep him at reception for you to pick him up, or we can offer a bus pass.’

“We were going round and round in circles. The school refused to meet us halfway and I said ‘punish him, fine, give him detention just do not remove his only avenue of help’.

“I told them to get my son as they clearly didn’t care about his safety; so we took him and they didn’t see him again.”

The recent confiscation happened after Don said his son’s phone “made a noise out of his bag”.

He confronted the school after they kept his phone over the weekend but Farnley Academy said it had a clear policy when it came to mobile phones.

Don said: “I expect my kid to make mistakes. Anyone can make mistakes, executives makes mistakes – we apologise and put it away.

Farnley Academy school’s mobile phone policy has come under fire from parents


LeedsLive/ WS)

“It’s worrying and ridiculous and it got to a place where enough was enough.”

After the latest row, Don contacted West Yorkshire Police who said they would not get involved because it was a “civil matter”.

However, Don is not the only parent who has been left concerned by Farnley Academy’s mobile phone policy.

Claire, a mum of a pupil at the school, said she was left worrying about whether her son was really going to and from school after his phone was allegedy confiscated for two days.

She said her son was using his phone after school hours on a public footpath when it was confiscated.

But when she challenged the school, the Academy said it was policy to confiscate phones used anywhere on the premises.

Claire admitted she worried about her son, 12, when he was walking home after school in the dark without a mobile phone.

When she raised this with the school, she claimed that they “laughed at me”.

Claire said: “I brought up safeguarding and the school laughed at me.

“Even though my son was on a public footpath it was still classed as in the boundaries, these schools that do this are disgusting and should be brought to task over it.

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“The school clearly has no concern for the child while walking or getting home.”

A spokesperson at The Farnley Academy says: “Our behaviour policy provides clear instructions to students and their families on our expectations around the use of mobile phones and the consequences for using them.

“The policy, which is on our website and is reiterated to students at the start of the academic year, has written and photographic guidance as to where mobiles can be used after the school day has finished.

“In this instance, phones cannot be used until students have passed the railings at the end of the drive by Lawns Park Primary School.”

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