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Have an previous cellphone? You may possibly shed provider

Springfield Township resident Larry Miller holds up the flip phone he will soon need to replace when 3G networks across the nation will be shut down.

Larry Miller admits he’s not far too techy. 

He has a personal computer, but works by using it as a word processor. He goes to the library often to verify email or go on the online. 

“I was dragged kicking and screaming into the laptop or computer age,” mentioned the 82-year-aged retired writer who life in Springfield Township. 

His cellphone is a flip mobile phone. He thinks he purchased it 10 several years in the past, and he makes use of Tracfone to acquire buckets of minutes considering the fact that he doesn’t want an high-priced regular bill. 

He only has it for emergencies and to get in touch with his adult son in West Virginia with pay as you go cell minutes in its place of significant landline long distance charges. 

But now Miller and some others nationwide who have outdated phones on the nation’s 3G cellular network are heading to have to purchase a new telephone if they want provider.