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Mom stocks viral hack for placing Yule tree lighting on TikTok

Tamara Weatherbee posted a video on TikTok last month showing how she puts up lights on her Christmas trees. (Courtesy of Tamara Weatherbee/@tamara_weatherbee)

With the vacation damage season in complete swing, a mom is sharing her magic method for placing Yule tree lighting and not using a the entire rigidity. 

Tamara Weatherbee, a mom of a couple of, posted a on-line video on TikTok closing thirty day length showing how she puts up lighting on her Yule timber. 

Weatherbee, who uses the TikTok username @tamara_weatherbee, writes within the video clip: “In case you are however wrapping your lighting the entire means throughout and spherical your tree then this video is for you. It is a Yule lighting hack I found out earlier 12 months that has adjusted the way in which I put my lighting on my tree.” 

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Within the clip, Weatherbee’s tree is within the nook of a spot. She commences to hold Yule lighting at the base of the tree and signifies that you simply shouldn’t elevate the lighting the entire means all over the tree. 

As an alternative, she shows her fans they will have to simply hold their Christmas lighting from side to side, heading up the tree, at the side of the tree that’s observed within the room. 

“Get started out on the backside and slightly of heading all-around the tree move once more and forth the entire means up the tree,” she writes within the video. 

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After she finishes that established of lighting, Weatherbee will get a brand new string of lighting and starts placing them from the most important of the tree. 

Tamara Weatherbee posted a video on TikTok ultimate thirty day length showing how she puts up lighting on her Christmas timber. (Courtesy of Tamara Weatherbee/@tamara_weatherbee)

In the video, Weatherbee reveals that instead of wrapping the Christmas lights around the tree, people can just hang lights back and forth and up the front of the tree. (Courtesy of Tamara Weatherbee/@tamara_weatherbee)

Within the video, Weatherbee unearths that as a substitute of wrapping the Yule lighting round the tree, folks can simply grasp lighting once more and forth and up the entrance of the tree. (Courtesy of Tamara Weatherbee/@tamara_weatherbee)

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“Then snatch your upcoming set of lighting and do the next portion setting out at the most efficient (so you’ll be able to plug the lighting in with each and every different),” she writes. 

“This might make for an easy removing when Christmas is over,” she supplies. 

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Taking into account the truth that she posted it in November, Weatherbee’s video clip has been considered excess of 222,300 cases. 

Weatherbee instructed Fox Information in an electronic mail that she arrived up with the hack on her non-public closing year. 

She defined that as a “Christmas freak,” she has 7 timber in her assets and really closing calendar 12 months, she made the verdict to do the lighting herself. Generally, her spouse does the Yule lighting, however Weatherbee mentioned he “frequently hates” wearing out it. 

Weatherbee told Fox News in an email that she came up with the hack on her own last year when she decided to do the lights on her family’s seven Christmas trees on her own, rather than asking her husband to do them. (Courtesy of Tamara Weatherbee/@tamara_weatherbee)

Weatherbee knowledgeable Fox Data in an email that she arrived up with the hack on her possess closing one year when she decided to do the lighting on her circle of relatives’s 7 Christmas timber on her person, reasonably than asking her spouse to do them. (Courtesy of Tamara Weatherbee/@tamara_weatherbee)

"It was such an easy fix that made putting up my lights so much easier," Weatherbee told Fox News. (Courtesy of Tamara Weatherbee/@tamara_weatherbee)

“It was once this type of a simple proper that created striking up my lighting so significantly easier,” Weatherbee instructed Fox Data. (Courtesy of Tamara Weatherbee/@tamara_weatherbee)

“So I decided to do it on my person setting out very closing one year and I assumed ‘there has acquired to be a greater means than attempting to toss my lighting just about this monumental tree and get them from the opposite side,’” Weatherbee urged Fox in an electronic mail.

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“It was once these kind of an easy repair that manufactured hanging up my lighting so so much more practical,” she integrated.

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Weatherbee stated she had no clue her video would come to be so well known. 

“I used to be stunned at how a lot of other folks didn’t find out about this hack,” she mentioned. “I assumed because it was once those an easy maintain possibly a considerable amount of individuals knew about it. However even a few of my shut friends this year discussed ‘why didn’t you inform me this previous to I established up my Yule tree?’”