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The internet roasts the Cowboys for blowing another playoff game

If you know a Dallas Cowboys fan, you might want to check on them after that disastrous playoff loss.

Roger Steinman/Associated Press

The Dallas Cowboys lost exactly how most of the rest country likes it: In the most painful and hilarious way possible. The Cowboys were kicked out of the playoffs with a 23-17 loss to the 49ers on Sunday, in a game where they got dominated in the first quarter, only to show signs of life in the fourth quarter, and then have Lucy pull away the football right before Charlie Brown was about to kick it.

In this case, the Cowboys had the ball in the final minute, needing a touchdown to win. Inexplicably, the Cowboys called for quarterback Dak Prescott to run the ball up the middle with 14 seconds remaining and no timeouts. Prescott ran for 17 yards to the 49ers’ 24, but by the time the ball was spotted by an official, time had expired and the game was over.

The ending was wild enough, that you have to wonder what Jerry Jones is going to have to say to head coach Mike McCarthy.

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy made decisions during Sunday's playoff loss that would have made former Texans coach David Culley smile.

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy made decisions during Sunday’s playoff loss that would have made former Texans coach David Culley smile.

Meme: Matt Young; Photo: AP

Of course, there’s plenty of blame to go around up in South Oklahoma. Prescott, who looked so good for much of the regular season, suddenly didn’t look so great when he faced a strong defense.

And, then there was Cowboys defensive lineman Randy Gregory, who gave the 49ers a key first down in the fourth quarter when he just flat-out tackled an offensive lineman.

The loss was even sweeter for Cowboys haters, because Tony Romo, who had plenty of playoff failures himself when he wore the star on his helmet, was in the booth calling the game for CBS.

CBS came in super clutch, not only for having Romo on the call, but also for all the fan reaction shots they gave us throughout the game.

And, now those fans will be watching the playoffs from the couch with the rest of us.


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